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Want to be financially free before 65? Traditional Investing isn’t going to get you there.

Society tells us to follow the traditional path:

💪 Start working a 9-5 job when you’re young

💰 Diligently contribute to your 401k account to let compounding do its work

👵🏻 Retire happily at 65 with a nice nest egg


This Traditional Investment Model works great if that aligns with your life plan.


But what if you want to attain financial freedom earlier than 65? This traditional model is NOT going to get you there, because there’s just not enough time to compound a large enough nest egg. 


There are really only 3 Paths to attain Early Financial Freedom:

1)    Extreme frugality with a >50% savings rate

2)    Growing a Profitable Business

3)    Real Estate Investing


Let’s take a look at each path:


💸 Extreme Frugality: Requires a lot of effort and sacrifice, and may still not get you to financial freedom unless your income is relatively high


📎 Growing a Profitable Business: Everyone who has ever been on the Forbes 100 has made their money this way, but it takes an extreme amount of effort and an even more extreme amount of luck!


🏠 Real Estate: For most people, this is by far the most accessible and attainable path to financial freedom. This is how both Caitlin and I achieved financial freedom by our late 30s, without any special training or outside windfall. We each started with one property, then used leverage, tax benefits, appreciation, and smart underwriting to eventually snowball that into multi-million-dollar portfolios.


If you want early financial freedom, you have to start thinking outside the box of the Traditional Investment Path and start following a different path.


Want to explore an investment path that involves Real Estate? Caitlin is developing an Introduction to Real Estate online course that will be opening soon. Get on the waitlist to receive a discount when the course opens:

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