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At Rising Femme Wealth, We Believe:

The world is better when women have more wealth. Why women? Data tells us that when women have wealth, they use it to lift up their families and communities. With more wealth, women are less likely to be bound to a negative relationship. They are more likely to invest in better education, safety, and healthcare for their children. Everyone wins when women have more wealth.

And yet, women only control 30% of wealth globally. At Rising Femme Wealth, we’re committed to changing that.


Our founders have both used real estate investing to achieve financial freedom. While we strongly believe in this method of investing, our methodology takes a holistic approach to introductory investing, ensuring that those in our community have a strong foundation of investing knowledge. 

Join one of our workshops or coaching sessions to create your path to financial freedom!

Hi, I'm Susan!

Hi, I'm Susan Geist, PMP! I hail from a lower-income family in the mountains of East Tennessee, and like many women, I received very little financial education or positive messaging about the financial value of my time. I watched multiple women close to me suffer because they did not have the financial education or means to make a better life for themselves.

After graduating with degrees in math and environmental toxicology (and student loans!), I vowed to take a different path for myself and began investing in my early twenties while making $42k a year at a government job. Little by little my snowball grew bigger and bigger; now my current multi-million-dollar investment portfolio consists of stocks, bonds, long-term rental properties, short-term vacation rentals, and commercial real estate, and brings in 6-figures annually in passive income. 


As my income grew, so did my tax bill.  Using legal tax strategies, I lowered my tax bill by $100K while still growing my investments, and I enjoy sharing those techniques with others. Holding credentials as a certified Holistic Financial Planning Coach, I take immense pleasure in guiding women towards formulating strategies that foster wealth accumulation while concurrently crafting a life aligned with their goals and dreams.


  • Successfully retired from her W-2 job in early 2023

  • Podcast guest "How Did They Do It?" with Aileen Prak

  • Podcast guest "Real Wealth Show" with Kathy Fettke

  • Featured speaker InvestHer Austin

  • Featured speaker Texas Multi-Family and Active Investors Meetup


  • Grew a real estate portfolio from $0 to $6MM in ten years

  • Retired from her W-2 job in early 2023

  • Podcast guest "How Did They Do It?" with Aileen Prak

  • Featured speaker The Denver Women's Real Estate Investing Hour

I began my real estate investing journey when I was able to turn my first home into a rental in 2013. After seeing the income this property brought in, I knew I had an opportunity to build wealth. I slowly repeated this process, made a lot of mistakes, and became savvy in my transactions. I grew my portfolio from single family homes to small multi-family homes in valuable markets. I practiced leverage and 1031 exchanges to scale into a property portfolio now worth over six million dollars. I have also built a portfolio of passive real estate investments, diversifying from large multifamily apartments, to self storage facilities and carwashes.

Investing in real estate has demonstrated to me that I am capable of growing a business. It has allowed me to practice risk management, budgeting, and patience, and realize serious rewards for hard work, research, and delayed gratification. In 2023, facing burnout, I left my tech career. I spent some time healing and soul-searching and when I finally felt that I had regained the energy to be present for myself and my family and friends, I knew I wanted to share my real estate investing experience with other women.

If you take one thing away from my story, let it be this: I am a student of most things, and an expert of little. I had never considered myself great with money, and felt little confidence in my ability to manage numbers. I had neither a finance nor business background. But, investing gave me the opportunity to learn, practice and demonstrate these skills. I now feel confident when talking about investments, and when contributing to financial planning decisions for my family and my community.  You deserve that confidence and Rising Femme Wealth exists to help you achieve it.

Hi, I'm Caitlin!

Before 1848...

Before 1974...


... a woman in the United States couldn’t form contracts, control her own income, transfer or sell property, or instigate a lawsuit. The property a wife brought into a marriage became her husband’s, and her assets could be used to pay for his debts.

vintage register.jpg

... a woman in the United States did not even have the legal right to open a credit card in her own name.

... after so many years of being financially suppressed, women only control 30% of the wealth while making up 50% of the population.

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