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Invest Your Energy in a Life Defined by You,
Not Your Paycheck

Do you feel overwhelmed by the idea of investing in real estate?


Unsure where to begin or how to make profitable decisions?


You're not alone. Many women feel stuck between the desire to invest and the uncertainty of taking the first step.

But what if you could gain the confidence and knowledge to secure your financial future?


FREE Masterclass Investing Series:
Real Estate Curious

Easy Tax Planning

Susan has developed a simplified tax planning method that she has used to help herself and many of her clients save hundreds of thousands on their tax bills. Don't miss out on learning her secrets!

Desk with Laptop
Personal Desk

Advanced Tax Planning Workshop

Ready for the next level? In this workshop we go into more advanced strategies to save you money on taxes. You will also learn how to interpret K-1s and use that information to choose the right investments for your situation, decipher the 3 types of depreciation recapture taxes, and delve into the details of other taxes you may encounter, such as UBIT, NIIT, and AMT

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