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Easy Tax Planning for Investors
(Next Online Workshop: April 30th)

Learn how to use the Tax Bucket Formula to organize your income and identify tax savings that can put more money back in your own pocket!

We have lowered our tax bills by hundreds of thousands of dollars using the Tax Bucket Formula to visualize our tax planning in a new way. Over the past few years we have been helping others to do the same, and are excited to share the techniques with you! 

"Taxes can be intimidating and confusing for a lot of us, but Susan broke it down into very understandable and clear concepts. The bottom line is that you need to know these concepts in order to really save on your taxes!"  -Prolet M.

"The Tax Bucket Course was great. Susan is very knowledgeable about taxes and covers the topics with clarity and great examples. She also delivers the material in an upbeat way. Whether you are seeking basic or advanced tax information and strategies, I highly recommend this course!"

 - Karri L. 


FREE Masterclass Investing Series:
Real Estate Curious

Tax Workshop

Curious to Confident

 Real Estate Investing

(Online course)

Our learn-at-your-pace course geared towards women teaches you the basics of real estate investing, all the way to the fundamentals of investing in private equity deals.

Diversify your portfolio and accelerate your wealth goals by adding real estate investing to your arsenal.


This all-new course breaks down the biggest learning barriers in real estate investing, and helps simplify the concepts that you'll need to focus on as you begin your real estate investing journey.  Join us as we dive into the four wealth-building elements of real estate investing, how they can help you determine your investing goals, and how to apply your goals to the investing strategy that's right for you.

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