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Susan and Caitlin speaking with a group of women

Susan and Caitlin have a passion for helping other women advance financially.  Check out a few of their past engagements!


Book a Presentation

Group Presentations

Price Varies  |   Depending on topic and duration

We are available to give presentations on:


  • Investment Strategies to Lower Your Tax Bill

  • Setting Up a Diversified Investment Portfolio

  • What Type of Real Estate is Right for You? 

  • How to Get Started Investing in Real Estate Out-of-State

  • Managing and Optimizing Your Real Estate Portfolio

  • Paths to Achieving Financial Freedom

  • I Retired Early, Now What? 

  • Investing 101 for Women

  • Uncovering Your "Why" and Adopting a Growth Mindset Around Money

  • Rediscovering Your Identity in Retirement

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