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Real Estate Curious

Free Masterclass Series

Get my 5 part Masterclass Series to learn how Real Estate Investing helps you achieve financial freedom. This class takes you through a real-life journey of a woman seeking financial independence while trying to balance competing priorities of career, family, and life, and how she builds a modest real estate investing portfolio to get her there.

Investing In Real Estate for Financial Independence

In this masterclass, I'm breaking down the FOUR wealth-creating elements found in real estate investing and walking through a real-life story that illustrates how to use all of them.

You'll see how Hannah, a busy professional who is chasing her career dreams, embarks on a practical real estate investing career and begins to see that her financial independence is within reach.

I designed this masterclass to be an approachable and relatable way to learn how real estate investing can create passive income and build long-term wealth, without needing millions of dollars to invest, and without needing a big team, network, or prior investing experience.

“I was nervous to get into real estate without knowing EVERYTHING first, but working with Caitlin gave me the confidence to jump in!”

Jo Gunselman, FL

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