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Empowering Women to Invest Fearlessly and Live Abundantly

Welcome to
Rising Femme Wealth

Confused or overwhelmed by wealth decisions for you and your family? We've been there. We provide community-centered learning for women, by women. You have the compassion, creativity, and power to shape your unique financial future. We're here to give you the knowledge and tools to get started.

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Why Work with Rising Femme Wealth? 


Proven Financial Freedom Success

Our founders Susan and Caitlin both reached financial freedom in their 30s after building their own multimillion dollar investment portfolios from scratch.


They are passionate about empowering more women to take control of their wealth to create positive change in their lives, the lives of their families and communities, and the position of women in society.

Investment Strategies

Holistic Investment Strategies

Traditional Investment Advisors focus on managing paper assets (stocks, bonds, and mutual funds) for clients who generally already have wealth.


At Rising Femme Wealth, we guide our Wealth Coaching clients on building wealth using a diversified mix of assets: paper, real estate, and business systems, to potentially achieve financial freedom at a much faster rate than the traditional financial approaches. 


No Conflicts of Interest

Our 'product' is education and empowerment - we want YOU to have the knowledge and confidence to take control of your finances to make the best investment decisions for yourself and your family. We don't earn any personal commissions or incentives for any investments - we focus solely on YOUR best interests


FREE Masterclass Investing Series:
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