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Easy Tax Planning for Investors 

A Workshop to Help Investors Simplify their Tax Planning and Save Money

If You're Currently: 

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Then This Workshop is for YOU!


Presented by Susan Geist, PMP, Co-Founder of Rising Femme Wealth, LLC

After being hit with a $137,000 Federal Tax bill, Susan dove into the world of tax planning determined to find ways to keep more of her hard-earned cash. She developed a simplified method of tax planning using Income Tax Buckets, which saved her over $100,000 on her tax bill the next year.


Susan now shares how this easy visualization method can be used to help anyone understand how their income is being taxed and what they can do to lower their tax bill. 

In this workshop, we will break down types of income and match them with a list of deductions for each bucket - pick and choose applicable income/deduction matches to create your own tax savings! 


Cami L., WA

“Thanks to Susan's tax course, my husband and I restructured our income so his real estate losses offset my W-2 income every year. It has dropped our tax bill close to zero and added hundreds of thousands to our net worth!"

Jana N., CO

"I had no idea about all of the business write-offs I was eligible for related to my side-hustle - these deductions now save me thousands every year. So glad I did the workshop!"

Aarya K, MN

“I have always hated dealing with taxes, but I knew I needed to grow my confidence. After taking Susan's course I did a large backdoor Roth IRA conversion during a sabbatical year and now have added over $1 million to my future net worth TAX FREE! Talk about great ROI - this course would still be an amazing deal if it cost $100k!”
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Check out how we saved one of our clients $40,000 on her tax bill! 

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I want to save on my taxes! Send me the recorded workshop for only $59!

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