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The Cost of Paradise: $1000/day 🏝️

🏖️ Imagine this: you’re lounging by the pristine pool of your dream vacation home, the sun setting in a blaze of color behind you. It’s a picturesque scene straight out of a magazine. But as you sip your drink, an alarm dings and you must feed another $20 into the ‘ownership machine’ - this paradise is costing you more than you ever imagined. From unexpected maintenance costs to fluctuating property values, this dream vacation home has become more of a financial black hole than a golden getaway. 🔥

Back in 2020, buying a beach condo for us seemed like the perfect ticket to happiness – peaceful walks on the beach, nighttime bonfires, building sandcastles with our boys, and listening to the waves from our balcony. And it HAS been a great place for our family. But has it been GOOD ENOUGH? Recently I sat down and did the math - last year we spent 11 days there – and even with short-term rental income, we ended up losing $11,000 for the year. That’s $1000 per day we spent there – essentially feeding the ‘ownership machine’ $42 every hour! 💸

As much as we’ve loved our experiences there, we could have instead rented a huge beach house every year for that price and invested the money we originally spent on the condo – at 5%, we would have earned over $60,000 by now. 😱

It was a good opportunity to learn what NOT to do, but it would have been great to have been educated enough not to make those mistakes to begin with. Caitlin has been hard at work developing the comprehensive ‘From Curious to Confident: Real Estate Investing’ course to keep YOU from making a lot of the same mistakes that we have – you will learn how to identify what makes a property worth buying, how to run the numbers, and how to determine what type of investment is best for your situation. It’s launching next week, so get on the waitlist today to be eligible for the FREE one-on-one coaching bonus when it opens!

As women, we are always juggling a million things, but no matter how hard of a worker you are, at some point you need your assets to do some of the work for you and carry some of the load. We are excited that you are with us on the journey to figure out how to use your resources to design a fulfilling life that you love. ❤️

And one more thing - if you happen to have an enemy who could use their own moneypit, my beach condo is on the market! 😇 Check it out here and make sure to watch the fun video at the bottom of the website!

Those beautiful waves are washing my cash away...

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