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Seasons of Financial Freedom

The journey to financial freedom is full of seasons: seasons of learning and growing, seasons of earning, seasons of saving and sacrifice, and seasons of spending.


Rather than getting discouraged, it’s helpful to reflect on how your current life is fueling your financial freedom journey in this particular season. Maybe you are working a job you don’t love, but the income is building the foundation to move you towards financial freedom. Or maybe you are spending all of your spare time studying for a new degree or certification that will increase the dollar value of your time. Or cruising along in a job that doesn’t inspire you just long enough to receive the pension. Nothing is a life sentence, just a season.


Even though my husband and I are no longer working W-2 jobs, we are currently in a season where we’re having to find new identities independent from our previous careers, care for two young-ish children, and maximize preserving our physical health. We are sacrificing future growth by dipping into savings now to travel and create experiences with our children, but we also know that this is only a season – before long they will be grown and off on their own adventures. And maybe in the future, working a W-2 job again will be the right fit for a particular season, whether for income, mental-stimulation, community, or health insurance reasons. But I’m keeping an open mind and trying to remember that it’s all just a season, and the seasons always keep changing.


As the year ends, create some space to reflect on these questions:


What season of my financial freedom journey am I currently in?


How is my current life fueling my financial freedom journey in this particular season?


What is the next season that I am working towards?

My husband got me this mug for Xmas in honor of our Short-Term Rental guests this year!

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