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Are we more than just our careers and net worth?

Typically the first things you note when meeting a new person are 1) What they do for a living, and 2) What social class they are in. But what happens when you are forced to look beyond those two things to find an identity? This is a question that’s been haunting me this year as I transitioned out of my traditional 9-5 to take advantage of the time freedom that my investments could finally afford me. And honestly, the transition hasn’t been all sunshine and roses. I have spent the past almost 20 years saving over 50% of my income to invest and build this nest egg in hopes that one day I could essentially “buy” control of my own time back, and once I reached that goal, there were a lot of unknowns on the other side.

For my husband, the transition was easy; he was so burnt out and physically ill from his high-stress tech job that he happily left it behind in December to spend his days doing maintenance and repairs on our rental properties, finally feeling physically better than he has in a long time. I, on the other hand, left my job in February with mixed emotions; I knew my employer wasn’t fully valuing what I had to offer, but as a woman, there’s a lot of external social validation that comes from working outside the home. For me, I wanted to maintain an identity beyond just a “mom and wife” (both of which I value and respect a lot, but I also wanted to have a distinct “non-vagina-based” identity). 😁 At least with my 9-5 job, I could also add “Project Manager” to that list!

It takes a lot of introspection to really look at yourself beyond the confines of the typical career and class labels, but attaining financial freedom (and retirement in general), forces you to do that. I think it’s also an important thing to start thinking about at any time in your life – who am I outside of money? I am Susan, deeply passionate about helping women advance in the world. I love my boys and my husband and my four cats, but I don’t like the messes they make. I volunteer every month and play in an all-female rock band, where I write mostly angry songs (daddy issues). I cherish my girlfriends and wish they were closer. I love travel and exploring, and I want to help others see and understand the world.

Of course, when someone asked me the other day what I did for a living, I replied, “Project Manager”. Old habits die hard!! 🤣

What is your identity outside of work and money?

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