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Should you feel bad about taking tax breaks?

Recently, Kathy Fettke at Real Wealth had me on her podcast to discuss tax optimization for real estate investors, and she definitely used her background as an investigative journalist to play Devil's advocate! We dove into the ethics of taking advantage of tax breaks for real estate, and she made me work to defend my stance, which I gave a good case for. It’s important to consider the government’s underlying motivation for implementing tax breaks and to understand that tax breaks are a REWARD for doing what the government WANTS YOU TO DO. The government wants to incentivize those who provide housing (real estate tax breaks), create jobs (business tax breaks), and increase U.S.-based energy sources (oil and gas tax breaks). When you have the opportunity to leverage these tax breaks to your advantage, it signifies the success of the incentive program. It's a win-win scenario, as you get to retain more of your hard-earned money while contributing to vital services that the government requires. And nobody likes paying taxes!

Listen to the episode here: Real Wealth Podcast

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