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Doing vs. Selling

Updated: Jul 10

Have you ever noticed the hoards people who make significant money online by selling advice on how to succeed, rather than by succeeding themselves in the areas they teach? Popular stock traders and social media influencers often make their money selling access to their ‘strategies’ rather than just using those ‘amazingly successful’ strategies to create their own wealth. Would you rather learn about stock investing from someone who made millions from their own stock portfolio or from someone who made millions from selling an online course on stock picking?

We see this a lot in real estate, especially from syndicators and deal sponsors who sell you on a vision of passive cash flow and financial freedom – yet their own wealth is coming almost solely from the fees they are harvesting from YOUR invested money. Most of these real estate and financial freedom coaches are living off of the income they make from selling their ‘guidance’ – they haven’t achieved financial freedom, nor do they have self-sustaining real estate portfolios. Don’t sell me on doing X when you’re making your money doing Y.

(I have to admit, this is pretty genius!)

It's hard to sift through the weeds to learn from the doers and not the sellers – typically the sellers are really good at selling!! The sellers are the ones who constantly advertise, pop up in your social media feeds, and have really compelling sales messages. Caitlin and I have really struggled with this dynamic; neither of us are natural sellers, but we have been very successful DOERS – we both have thriving investment portfolios and have achieved financial freedom.

We actually walk the talk!

We are passionate about empowering women around their finances to find balance and create a life that they love. Check out Caitlin’s new Curious to Confident Real Estate course to learn from someone who has actually built a multi-million-dollar real estate portfolio that she now uses to pay for her time freedom. Come join us in designing a fulfilling life that you love.

And speaking of walking the talk, I will be spending much of the summer traveling with my family to Japan, Germany, and a 2-week road trip through the southeast US. Caitlin will be heading off on outdoor adventures out west with her family, including a big move! You may hear from us a bit less this summer, but we have some exciting things planned for the fall. And make sure to follow Rising Femme Wealth on Instagram and Facebook to see photos and videos from our summer adventures!

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